Special Announcement:

The NBHS Lion Band Alumni are pleased to announce the Eldon Janzen Scholarship Fund. You may contribute to the Fund at Lion Band.

This web site is intended for New Boston, Texas High School (NBHS) classmates of the 50's and 60's to come together, share old memories and plan future activities. We don't have to meet Saturday night at the Canteen to stay in touch. Now we have email! To join your class' email list, just click on the year at the right and fill in the Enrollment Form. Only four entries are required. 1) CLASS, naturally the Principal needs to know in which class you wish to enroll. By the way, you may enroll in as many classes as you would like. Just submit an Enrollment Form for each year. 2) E-MAIL, we also need your email address, duh! To keep those folks from Hooks, DeKalb or who knows where from spoiling our fun, the Principal needs to ensure that you really did attend NBHS. So... you must answer two multiple-choice questions correctly. How could this be a site about our old high school with out a test. The questions are: 3) HPP is the abbreviation for what? 4) What was the admission price for the Canteen?

Once you have completed the form just click on ENROLL and your application will be forwarded to the Principal's Office for review. If you filled out everything and answered the questions correctly, you will receive a confirmation email and instructions on how to send email to other members of your class.

In the future we would like to add senior pictures for each class and pictures from the Canteen. If you would like to contribute your class pictures; have any comments; or just want more information about, send an email to:





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